Our Horses


2004 14hh Quarter Pony Cross Gelding

Blu is a cool guy.  He’s very handsome and has that pony spark that keeps you on your toes.  He’s got a little spunk so he’s great for intermediate and advanced riders, however he knows how to tone it down and be quiet and good for beginners.


2005 15.1hh Quarter Horse Gelding

Breyer is the perfect horse (hence his name)! He’s wonderful on the ground, sweet and curious. Under saddle he’s a fabulous mover and is trained beautifully!


2005 16.1hh American Warmblood Gelding

Doppy and sweet. Lovable and kind and very cuddly. He loves kisses and attention. He is the quintessential gentle giant. Kim started him as a colt and now he’s become a go-to mount for instructors for lessons and for ponying injured horses. Solid as they come!


2014 28″ tall Miniature Horse Mare

Cherokee is the sweetest little horse on the planet. She loves to be loved on and groomed. Rolling and frolicking in the arena are her fun times and she also loves to take walks and car trips to various events! She’s the Horse and Rider Connection mascot!


2010 15.2hh Thoroughbred Gelding

Cruz is sweet, mellow and kind.  He’s the perfect beginner horse and a great ambassador for the Thoroughbred breed and we’re thankful to have him in our program!


2004 15.3hh Carter Reservoir Spanish Mustang Gelding

Diego is as solid a boy as they come.  He’s very athletic and a great riding horse, but his personality on the ground is delightful also.  He’s a special horse to have in our program!


2012 15.1hh Quarter Horse Gelding

Incredibly athletic and well trained.  Jagger is the dream quarter horse everyone wants to have.  We are proud to have this guy as one of our ambassador horses in the program.


2011 15.1hh Quarter Horse Mare

Jewel has developed into a lovely mare. We are enjoying all of her training and she has really turned into a solid horse on the trail and in the arena!


2003 15.3hh Quarter Horse Gelding

Journey is the kind of horse everyone wants! Solid. Beautiful. Sweet. He is a very well trained guy with lots of experience under his belt. He’s athletic enough to do anything we ask him to do, and he’s happy to do it! He is a real pleasure to be around and the best ambassador horse we can imagine!


2009 15hh Quarter Horse/Paint Gelding

SUPER cute guy who has been in our program since he was a youngster.  He is very friendly and personable. Is fast around the barrels and flashy enough and moves good enough to clean up the blue ribbons at a dressage show (and get confused for a fancy warmblood).


2011 12.1hh Welsh Pony Gelding

This little guy has loads of talent and personality and is a sweetheart! He’s good at literally everything and as wonderful a guy as you could ask for!  Athletic and sensible.  A great ambassador pony for our program!


2004 11.3hh Shetland Pony Gelding

This gentle, sweet and loving boy is always ready for some kisses and loves and is great with small children.  Great for a trail ride or a spin around the arena.  The perfect tiny kids riding pony!


2015 13.3hh Welsh Pony/Quarter Horse Mare

One of our younger horses, Ruby is a lovely and athletic pony.  She has a sweet and friendly personality and is a great larger riding pony.


2014 15.2hh Azteca Gelding

Spirit is another young horse on our team.  He’s got a very reasonable personality and is very smart.  He’s also very sweet and kind and athletic!  He is a great addition to our horse ambassador team and we can only wish for more horses like him!