Day Camps & Horse Camping

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Day Camps

Our summer camps cover a wide range of topics aimed at providing an immersive horse experience in a fun and safe environment. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff and our very experienced horses and ponies make our camps a time your child will never forget!

Make new friends, expand horseback riding skills and grow horsemanship knowledge. We start each week teaching students the basics of horse riding and safety. As the week progresses, we introduce new skills like posting the trot and moving around obstacles and sometimes even a trail ride! We make sure each child is comfortable and within their level as they learn more about horses.

Many of our summer campers decide to stay and continue with lessons after their experience with us and many eventually become summer camp counselors themselves!

Every year Horse and Rider Connection offers several opportunities for week and day camps for youth (ages 8-17).  All camps are 9AM – 3PM with before and after care available.  Bring bag lunch and a drink.  This year we have restructured the camps differently where each camp is geared toward a different riding level. Below are the qualifications of the camps. If you or your child are unsure what skill level you are at reach out to us and we can discuss you or your child’s riding skill level. Sign up ASAP as spots will fill up quickly!!

Beginner/Beginner Intermediate: (12 students per a camp)

This class ranges from being a complete beginner to being able to walk and trot on your own. This class is a perfect starter class and also a class to further define your skills at the walk/trot level. In the class we will do cantering on the lunge line depending on students comfort level.

Intermediate/Beginner Advanced: (7 students per a camp)

In order to participate in this camp you must be able to hold a horse at a canter without a lunge line. You must be able to get the horse ready on your own. We are only taking kids at this skill level in order to ensure the camp is challenging and fun for everyone.

Intermediate Advanced/Advanced Camp: (5 students per a camp)

This camp is for the more advanced riders. We will focus on canter drills, rollbacks, and jumping. Work with young horses and training techniques and will  also include trail riding.

Adult Camp:  This camp is put in place to further expand adults riding skills and overall horsemanship. This class ranges from advanced riders to beginners who have never ridden. This is also a great way for parents to get involved and experience the involvement with horses that their children do.

$425 for the week or $95 a day.

Note: Before and after care provided for an additional $10.00 per hour.
Before : 8A – 9AM
After: 3 – 6PM

4/4 – 4/7 – Spring Adult Camp
6/10 – 6/14 – Summer Camp #1 – Beginner/Beginner Intermediate
6/24 – 6/28 – Summer Camp #2 – Beginner/Beginner Intermediate
7/8 – 7/12 – Summer Camp #3 – Beginner/Beginner Intermediate
7/15 – 7/19 – Summer Camp #4 – Beginner/Beginner Intermediate
7/21 – 7/23 – Summer Camp #5 – Intermediate/Advanced
7/22 – 7/25 – Summer Camp #6 – Intermediate/Beginner Advanced
8/12 8/15 – Summer Camp #7 – Intermediate/Beginner Advanced
9/13 – 9/15 – Adult Summer Camp

Activities Include

  • Riding*
  • Horsemanship and Horse Care
  • Groundwork
  • Games
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Bobbing for apples (with the horses!)
  • Face Painting/Horse Painting
  • Horse Vaulting
  • And lots, lots more!

*Please note that every once in a while during the Summer Camps we have to make a decision for the safety of horses and kids on extremely hot days.  In our area there are sometimes days when the weather exceeds the heat stress index that is safe for horseback riding.  On days like that, we substitute riding with other fun activities like water balloon fights and horse bathing until the weather is safe for riding again.

Horse Camping

Kim also offers several opportunities per year for both youth and adults to expand their horsemanship skills through fun and rewarding horse camping weekend trips.

2019 Camping Dates

5/22 – 5/26 – Horse Camping #1 – Adult Camping Trip
6/19 – 6/23 – Horse Camping #2 – Beginner/Intermediate
7/31 – 8/4 – Horse Camping #3 – Intermediate/Advanced

Inquire for Prices

Skills that will be worked on during horse camping trips:

– Knowledge of necessary supplies
– Trailering/Loading
– Securing and taking care of a horse at a camp site
– Trail Riding in new location
– Trail medical care and health monitoring
– How to ride safely on the beach


Prices vary depending on location (campground or horse friendly inn), size of group, length of trip and distance to destination from Martinez.  Please inquire about specifics for your trip.

Camping trips for other clients are available.  Please contact for dates and pricing.

Cancellation Policy

We have a 48 hour cancellation policy.  If you cancel less than 48 hours before the lesson, you will be charged.

We try very hard not to cancel appointments.  If a lesson needs to be altered, we try and adjust time or find a replacement instructor if that is necessary.

In the event that we need to cancel due to an emergency situation, serious illness, dangerous weather (high wind, thunder and lightening, etc.) or other reason and you have a prepaid credit to cover the lesson, you will retain that credit to cover your next scheduled lesson.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Payment Policy

All fees are due and payable by the 1st of the month. After the 5th, a $50 late fee will be charged. After the 10th, a $75 late fee will be charged.